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We are Manufacturer, Trader, Supplier of Side and Face Cutters, Face Cutters, Side Cutters and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Side and face cutters are essential tools in the realm of machining, specifically designed for a variety of milling applications. These versatile cutters feature cutting edges on both the periphery and the face of the tool, allowing them to perform a range of tasks in a single operation. Side and face cutters are commonly used for milling large flat surfaces, creating slots, and producing key ways. The dual cutting action makes them efficient for both peripheral and face milling operations, enhancing productivity in machining processes. These cutters come in various sizes and configurations, allowing machinists to choose the most suitable tool for the specific task at hand. The ability to remove material from the side and face simultaneously makes side and face cutters valuable in industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive. Whether it's roughing, finishing, or slotting, these cutters contribute to the precision and efficiency of milling operations, making them integral components in the machining toolkit.

Side And Face Cutters
Side And Face Cutters
Side And Face Cutters
Some of the advantages of using face mill cutters:
  • High Material Removal Rate
  • Versatility
  • Surface Finish
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Reduced Vibration
  • High Feed Rates
  • Suitable for Various Materials
  • Accessibility
  • Adaptability
  • Safety
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